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I just discovered the site, Investor Delight, today. It is a wonderful site for monitoring your Naija stocks online. It is a very neat web 2.0 site. You can add and edit multiple portfolios. It also allows you to add your stockbroker names and their charges. When you add a new stock, you have the […]

Below is an interesting article by Reuben Abati on Yar’Adua’s style of leadership:  Yar’Adua’s emerging style By Reuben Abati TO say that a new leader’s style and/or persona is different from that of his predecessor may amount to a statement of the obvious. But in Nigeria, style in this context acquires a significance that is […]

After almost three months, we now have ministers in Nigera. Here is the list of ministers: 1. Attorney-General/Minister of Justice: Mr Michael Aondoakaa (SAN) 2. Agriculture/Water Resources: Abba Sayyadi Ruma 3. Agriculture/Water Resources: Adamu Maina Waziri (State 1) 4. Commerce/Industry: Chief Charles Ugwu 5. Commerce/Industry (State): Ahmed Garba Bichi 6. Culture/Tourism: Adetokunbo Kayode 7. Culture/Tourism […]

Check out this Access Bank Powerpoint on their share offer. It seems that they have their acts together. acccess-share-offer.ppt

Just read now that Virgin Nigeria will commence firect flights to the US from Nigeria before December ’07. Virgin Nigeria was one of the three airlines that were offered the US route. The others are Arik and Bellview. I hope that the increase in competition on the US routes helps reduce the price.

Access Bank’s Share Reconstruction

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25 Jul 2007

I must admit, ever since I heard about Access Bank’s stock split late last year, I have been apprehensive about their recent return to the stock market to purchase more shares. But the article below on the ProShare blog provides some explanation on the benefits of the reconstruction. It seems that those who held on […]

After some lull, EFCC is now back – It has secured an order to seize the Kalu’s properties and they are now ready to resume case against new Abia State governor, Theodore Orji. Nnamani flown to Lagos for trial.And in another interesting article in NY Times, Nigerians were the most optimistic of all African countries […]

At last, a total of 39 ministers will be sworn in. That is after almost 60 days without any ministers.But I have to wonder, why do we need up to 39 ministers?

I am big believer in the need for conscious effort towards consistent personal development. I believe part of the problem in Nigeria is low accessibility to development materials. Books are usually scarce and expensive when available. And Internet access is not the best in the world. However, I have found some extraordinarily useful Internet resources. […]

Videos on Nigeria

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22 Jul 2007

Here are some interesting videos I found on YouTube. They are very thought-provoking: 

Making progress

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17 Jul 2007

As I sat today, I pondered on what one needs to do to become great. Here are some questions I think we need to ask ourselves and answer: What do I want to achieve in life? Which people do I want to impact? How do I want to impact these people? What do I need […]

Chile Flogs Nigera 4-0

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15 Jul 2007

Chile flogged Nigeria today in the Quarter Finals of the U-20 competition. It is so sad. Imagine 3 goals in the second half of extra time. The former coach, Samson Siasia was correct when he said that we should not expect too much from this team. How can we expect to win competitions when we […]

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