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The U-17 continued their impressive run with a 2-1 win over Colombia coming back from a goal down. Catch the highlights from FIFA.

NNPC is to be broken down into 5 different units namely: National Petroleum Directorate National Oil Company Petroleum Inspectorate Commission Petroleum Products Distribution Authority National Oil and Gas Assets Holding and Management Services The National Petroleum Directorate would replace the ministry, while the National Oil Company would play the role being played by the NNPC. […]

Here is Guardian’s editorial on the Honorable (or should I say, dishonorable) mess: Cost of renovating the Speaker’s house IT is the most telling sign of the times, that nothing shocks Nigerians any more. Yet, the widespread condemnation that greeted the latest scandal in the House of Representatives shows just how appalled Nigerians have become […]

I weeaaaaaak when I read that N628 million was approved legally (or illegally) to renovate the official quarters of the top senate officials. In an attempt to douse this controversy, Punch reports that they are now claiming it was just N238m and not N628m. They state that: The contracts were for the renovation of Etteh’s […]

First, it was the news that the Naira will be revalued. It was then followed by the news that the Federal Government was not informed and that they were caught off-guard by Soludo’s announcements – that he did not inform or consult the President before making the pronouncement. Then the news that the CBN did […]

The U-17 continued their impressive run in the U-17 world cup with another win against Japan. Watch the video of their latest win HERE. They have their last game against Haiti tomorrow and I believe that they should do well. Their is a very good piece on FIFA’s website about the team. I hope they […]

Read today in Tribune that the MD of the Electricity Managing Company is reporting that interest in PHCN (a.k.a Please Hold Candle Now) has been overwhelming. Who cares if the interest has been overwhelming. All the people want is power. Here is the report as it appeared in Tribune: 400 investors interested in buying PHCN […]

Develop yourself using some of these resources

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21 Aug 2007

I am a big proponent of the Japanese practice of Kaizen – continuous improvement. One thing is certain – it is impossible to learn all what one has to learn in school. A lot of it will be as a result of self-improvement. This will require dedication. On doing some research online today, I came […]

U-17 wins in Korea

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21 Aug 2007

The Nigerian U-17 team have started well in the U-17 championship by winning their first game against France who are one of the tournament favorites. That is a good thing. I just hope that they steadily improve throughout the tournament and win. Watch the highlights of the game HERE.

I wonder why some Nigerians in Greece are protesting. It is true that a man died. But is it worth all this protests? While I dont want to sound irrational or mean, this man died after jumping from a building as he attempted to evade immigration officials. There are 2 things wrong with this story […]

New Naira Policy

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16 Aug 2007

The CBN head has announced a new Naira policy – the Naira will be redominized. The new plan essentially calls for the chopping off of 2 zeros from the currency. It is to go in to effect August 2008. The N100, N200, N500, and N1000 notes will be scrapped. N20 will now be the highest […]

Bush’s Brain don go

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14 Aug 2007

By now, you will have heard that the man referred to as Bush’s brain, Karl Rove has resigned. I am not a fan of Bush so I am glad that the man has left. Here are some interesting videos on Daily Show: And more: Still more:

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