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After months of unnecessary grandstanding, Ms Etteh has stepped down. I just pray that now, they make the right decision and pick someone who is God-fearing and has the interest of the nation at heart.

Here is a heart-warming story of Mubarak Muhammad Abdullahi, a 24-year-old physics undergraduate in Northern Nigeria who builds functional and operational helicopters with spare parts of old cars and trucks. His chopper have actually flown briefly on 6 different occassions. One is fitted with a Honda Civic car engine and seats from an old Toyota […]

Just 6 weeks after leading the Nigerian U-17 team to the U-17 World Cup, Coach Yemi Tella has died of lung cancer. He died on Saturday at LUTH. Farewelll, Coach Tella.

Nations Cup Draw

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19 Oct 2007

Group A (Accra) Ghana Namibia Guinea Morocco Group B (Sekondi) Nigeria Benin Mali Ivory Coast Group C (Kumasi) Egypt Sudan Zambia Cameroon GROUP D (Tamale) Tunisia Angola South Africa Senegal

Utterly Shameful

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18 Oct 2007

 When will this shame end? The saga sorrounding the Speaker of the House of Representatives continues. The speaker, Ms Etteh has refused to resign over the contract scandal. And now there is the story that Honourable Aminu Safana of Katsina dies during a scuffle during the house of represenatives session debating Ms Etteh’s case?  I am forced […]

Samuel Peters beat Jameel McCline over the weekend to retain the world heavyweight title. He survived three knockdowns during the match. But after the 4th round he was on fire and went on to win the remaining 8 rounds and eventually the match. Below is a tribute in the Guardian Editorial to Samuel Peters. Samuel […]

Congratulations to Ngozi Okonjoa Iweala on her appointment as one of the World Bank Managing Director in charge of Africa, South Asia, and Europe and Central Asia regions..Her appointment has been favorably welcomed by different people. She is highly regarded the world over as a “Corruption-buster”. She has given speeches at the exclusive TEDS summit. […]

Samuel Peter fights on Oct. 6

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4 Oct 2007

Samuel Peters faces Jameel McCline on October 6 in the world heavyweight fight. I wish him the best.

Beginner’s Guide To Investing In Nigeria

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4 Oct 2007

Found the minibook, A Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Nigeria, on the Proshareng website.

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