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It’s Been A Long Time

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5 Mar 2013

I apologize for not posting anything in over 5 months now.

Henceforth, you can expect regular posts on the website. I will be posting reports for the Nigerian Stock Exchange for the previous week on Mondays. Economic updates will be posted on Wednesdays and company results for the week will be posted on Fridays.

Courtesy of Cordros Capital, here are the best and worst performing stocks on the Nigeria Stock Exchange in the first half of the year. Best: Worst:

Courtesy of FSDH, here are the statistics from the NSE from the week ended April 13th 2012:

Welcome Back

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2 Mar 2012

I apologize for the blackout for the past 2 months. I will return to posting regularly.

The focus will be on the Nigerian Stock Market and the Nigerian economy in general. Every and any information on the Nigerian economy will be posted as and when available.

I sincerely apologize for not updating this blog earlier. Below are the company earnings reports and press releases from some of the companies who have released their reports in the last 3 months: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :      

Courtesy of Afrinvest, FSDH Securities, IBTC, Access Bank and Lead Capital here are the weekly reports for the week ended October 14th as well as the reports for the past month.

<blockquote>Equity Market Review & Outlook
+ The Nigerian equity market closed the week in bearish territory, despite a marginal rally on the last trading day. Consequently, the  benchmark Index shed 176bps, while the average value of transactions for the week rose by 45.2%, relative to the previous week.
+ We expect equity market activities to remain flat this week as attractive rates in money and fixed income markets will lure investors from this market, despite anticipation that the release of results this week will boost the level of activities.

Money Market Review & Outlook
+  A hike in the MPR last week led to corresponding hikes in money market rates across board. A dearth of liquidity within the system saw rates skyrocket during the week, with slight moderation on Friday as proceeds from AMCON bond sales to the tune of N450.0bn were credited into the system.
+ We expect a decline in system liquidity this week on the back of an upcoming bond auction. Interbank rates should adjust upward by the end of the week, as liquidity within the system eases out.

Foreign Exchange Market Review & Outlook
+ Demand for the Dollar at the official market stood at US$1.3bn, 93.8% higher than the US$685.4m on demand at the single auction in the previous week. The CBN’s offer of US$400.0m at Monday’s auction was 45.7% short of the US$736.9m on demand, depreciating the Naira by 151k to close at N156.91/US$1.00.
+ We expect to see a slight depreciation in the Naira this week at the official market, with an appreciation at the interbank segment. We also expect the CBN to help ease supply gaps for the Greenback at the interbank, in a bid to limit the growing premium between markets.

Bond Market Review & Outlook
+ The 275bps hike in the MPR to 12.0% last week saw yields in the bond market adjust upwards by at least 300bps apiece on all securities at the end of the week. Although inflation for September came in at 10.3%, 100bps above the 9.3% reported for August 2011, these instruments will continue to generate real returns for investors based on current yields.
+ Despite an inflow of N450.0bn from the sale of AMCON bonds by certain banks late last week, liquidity is expected to tighten slightly this week on account of T-bills and bond auctions. This may lead to a further increase in yields, albeit marginally.</blockquote>

Afrinvest Weekly Update - 14th October 2011 (826).
NSE Weekly Report - FSDH - October 14th 2011 (856).
NSE Weekly Report - IBTC - October 14th 2011 (894).

Week Ended October 7th:
Afrinvest Weekly Update 7th October 2011 (789).
NSE Weekly Report - FSDH - October 7th 2011 (801)

Week Ended September 30th:
NSE Weekly Report - Access Bank - Sept 30th 2011 (846).
NSE Weekly Report - FSDH - Sept 30th (811).
NSE Weekly Report - Lead Capital - Sept 30th (758).
NSE Weekly Report - Lead Capital - Sept 30th 2011 (757)

Week Ended September 23rd:
Afrinvest Weekly Update 23rd September 2011 (784).
NSE Weekly Report - Access Bank - Sept 23rd 2011 (795).
NSE Weekly Report - FSDH - Sept 23rd 2011 (813).
NSE Weekly Report - Lead Capital - Sept 23rd 2011 (817)

Courtesy of Afrinvest, Stanbic IBTC, FSDH, Lead Capital, here is the summary of the NSE activities for the week ended September 16th 2011:

– The NSE All-Share Index inched up by 1 basis point this week.
– Bearish sentiments in the banking sector were skewed mainly to top-tier banks this week. Unrelenting sell side pressure during the week sent First Bank to its lowest value in 12 months, closing at N10.00 on Thursday. The stock also generated interest from bargain hunters, curbing the cumulative loss to a 2.4% drop. GTBank similarly had a volatile week, though re-entries also curbed its loss to a 1.9% dip. On the flip side, bullish sentiments resulted in a 16.0% cumulative gain for Unity Bank, while UBA and Ecobank also closed the week with cumulative gains of 3.8% and 5.5% respectively.
– Sentiments were mixed in the breweries sector this week, with NB recording a 9.2% mark-up in price, as strong demand for the stock was sustained throughout the week. On the other hand, Guinness lost 3.5% finding support at the N220.00 price band.
– The food and beverages sector went to the bears this week, with only two companies recording gains in the sector. Nascon and 7-Up inched up with gains of 7.0% and 0.3% respectively, while bearish sentiments shaved off points ranging from 2.1% to 15.2% in Dangote Flour, Dangote Sugar, Cadbury and Honeywell Flour.

Courtesy of FSDH Securities, here are the results released in the weeks of July 18th – 22nd, July 25th – 29th and August 1st – 5th:


Here is the summary of the Nigerian Stock Exchange for the week ended August 5th 2011 (reports and summary for the last week will be posted soon).

+ The NSE All-Share Index lost 180 bps cumulatively this week.
+ Bearish sentiments were prevalent in the banking sector this week depleting previous gains recorded. Participants however appeared to favour Oceanic Bank on the back of merger news with ETI and speculative trades led to a 19.8% cumulative gain for the stock this week. On the flip side, rescued banks Unity Bank, Afribank and Intercontinental Bank recorded losses ranging from 11.6% to 18.6%.
+ Marginal gains was recorded by two companies in the building materials sector this week, institutional purchases during the week took Ashaka Cement into positive territory with a 2.3% gain, while a hold back on offers and subsequent upward review of Lafarge Wapco prices also led to a 1.1% mark-up. Dangote Cement was quiet during the week with average daily volumes of about 100,000 units and price hovering between N118.00-N120.00.
+ In the breweries sector, bullish sentiments during the week firmed up the prices of Guinness and NB, they however also attracted investors seeking to exit positions. They both bagged cumulative gains in excess of 3.0% at the close of the week.

And here are the stats:

Here are the NSE reports  (from Afrinvest, FSDH, IBTC, and Lead Capital) for the week ended August 5th 2011.

NSE Weekly - Afrinvest - August 5th 2011 (723).

NSE Weekly Report - FSDH - August 5th 2011 (800).

NSE Weekly Report - FSDH - August 5th 2011 (696).

NSE Weekly - IBTC - August 5th 2011 (699).

NSE Weekly Update - Afrinvest - August 5th 2011 (726)

Here are the reports for the week ended July 29th 2011:

NSE Weekly Report - FSDH - July 29th 2011 (753).

NSE Weekly Report - IBTC - July 29th 2011 (809)

Here are the reports for the week ended July 22nd 2011:

NSE Weekly Report - Afrinvest - July 22nd 2011 (716).

NSE Weekly Report - FSDH - July 22nd 2011 (735).

NSE Weekly Report - Lead Capital - July 22nd 2011 (693)

Here are excerpts from B. J. Rewane’s Monthly Economic Views and News presentation for July 2011:

– Economic expansion to continue and will be buoyed by robust non oil sector growth
– In 2011, the economy has suffered from deferred investment decisions due to political uncertainty
– GDP growth for 2011 expected to be 5.9% before increasing in 2012 to 6.2%
– Expansionary fiscal policy and higher food import prices will pose inflation threats
– Capacity expansion in key sectors to be funded mainly by debt and offshore credit
– Mainly in telecom data network expansion
– Aggressive cement capacity expansion in the building material space now targeting 20million tonnes per year
– Lafarge, Dangote and Flour Mills Nigeria fighting for market share
– Substantial Brewing industry capacity expansion and reactivation of dormant breweries
– Consolidation and growing demand in the Food and beverage sector
– Civil works and engineering for power stations, roads, bridges at both State and FGN levels
– Budget discipline and due process will be on the front burner
– The entry of Ngozi the task mistress means hold the feet of Ministers to the fire
– Deficit funding and management will be a major challenge

You can download the entire presentation below:

Below is the summary of the NSE for the week of July 8th.

– The NSE All-Share Index cumulatively shed 157bps at the end of this week.
– Bearish sentiments continued to dominate proceedings on the bourse this week despite the marginal appreciation recorded towards the end of the week. Some stocks in the banking sector however recorded marginal gains, with the likes of Stanbic IBTC, Diamond Bank, FinBank and Unity Bank bagging varied points. On the other hand, Wema Bank, Union Bank and Afribank shed points in excess of 11.0% apiece. The sector is likely to trade around this level in coming sessions; there is however a possibility that activities from new entrants could reverse this trend.
– In the food and beverages sector, NBC and Cadbury recorded marginal gains this week. On the flip side, NNFM, Honeywell Flour, Nascon, Dangote Flour and Flour Mills went southwards, shedding points between 1.3% and 11.5%. Other stocks in the sector traded sideways. A dearth of new and positive information may lead to a continuation of the trend witnessed in the sector last week in the near term.
– Japaul Oil was divergent to the market trend this week, with a 3.8% gain.

And here are the reports from FSDH, Afrinvest, and Lead Capital for the weeks ending July 1st and 8th:

July 8th:

Afrinvest Weekly Market Update July 8 2011 (717).

NSE Weekly Report - FSDH - July 8th 2011 (744).

NSE Weekly Report - Lead Capital - July 8th 2011 (688).

Afrinvest Weekly Update 8th July 2011 (731)

July 1st:

Afrinvest Weekly Market Update July 1 2011 (659).

Afrinvest Weekly Update 1st July 2011 (689).

NSE Weekly Report - FSDH - July 1 2011 (770).

NSE Weekly Report - Lead Capital - July 1st 2011 (694)

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