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Major News For the Week

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29 Nov 2008

Here are the major business news this week:

The major business stories from the NSE

The world Bank prepared a report on Doing Business in Nigeria . And I must admit, it is not too encouraging. The report considered the time required to start a new business, the cost of starting a new business, the bottle necks to starting a new business, and law enforcement. The report compared the major […]

CONTINSURE: YEAR END DEC 31 2007 PERIOD                             2007           2006 NON-LIFE REVENUE         332.34M      95.90M LIFE REVENUE                   11.50M       12.50M PBT (Nm)                          818.46M      220.74M TAX (Nm)                         141.73M      78.991M PAT (Nm)                         676.69M      135.791M S/outstanding ( billion) 10.37 Proposed Dividend per Share = N0.05k EPS (naira) 0.07 Closure date = May 19 to 22, 2008 P/E Ratio (times) 64.38 […]

It’s been a while since anything substantial has been posted on this blog – at least 4 weeks. Part of the reason was that I was out of the country with limited access to the Internet. Henceforth, the major emphasis of this blog will be to provide information on businesses and companies listed on the […]

The week in brief

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11 Nov 2007

Not waiting for the new House of Rep Speaker to settle down, there was a new controversy over whether or not he participated in the NYSC. But on Thursday, he presented a copy. I dont know if this is real or not. We will wait and see. The President presented his 2008 Budget to the […]

The Economist Magazine recently released the 2007 Business Competitiveness Ranking of 82 countries. Nigeria was ranked 75th just above Kenya, Angola, Cuba etc. I sincerely hope this changes.

Public Offer Mania

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5 Nov 2007

I have been a fan of the public offers of the different companies in Nigeria for a while. A lot of them have been success stories. Examples include Zenith Bank, Oceanic Bank, GT Bank, and First Bank. A lot of banks had to go to the market to be able to raise funds to meet […]

Beginner’s Guide To Investing In Nigeria

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4 Oct 2007

Found the minibook, A Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Nigeria, on the Proshareng website.

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