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Here are Dangote’s And Oando’s Investor Presentation and Earnings Release For H1 2010:


Afrinvest\'s Dangote Investor Presentation (689).

Dangote Investor Presentation - October 2010 (650)


Oando - H1 2010 Presentation (568).

Oando H1 2010 JSE Press Release (606)

Below are the research reports by Afrinvest on the recently released reports for Unilever, Fidson Healthcare, Berger and Oando who all recently released their results:

Here are Meristem Securities’ analyses of the recently released results of UPL, Fidson, Nestle, and Nigeria Breweries:
Fidson Healthcare – H1 – NEUTRAL
United Press Ltd (UPL) – Q3 – OVERWEIGHT
Nigerian Breweries – FY 09 – NEUTRAL
Nestle Nigeria – FY 09 – NEUTRAL

Equity Research Report - Fidson Healthcare (695).
Equity Research Report - UPL (409).
Equity Research Report - Nigerian Breweries (664).
Equity Research Report - Nestle (1279)

Here is FSDH’s Analysis of Q3 results of Nigerian Breweries:

<blockquote>Valuation/Analyst Recommendation
In placing a fair value on the Ordinary Shares of NB, we adjusted our earlier forecast for the FY 2009 and parameters to reflect current market developments and its latest results. We estimated TO, Earning Before Interest Tax Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) and PAT for December, 2009. We project a TO of N166.57bn, based on a growth rate of 14.51% over the previous year. We project EBITDA of N42.51bn based on EBITDA margin of 25.52% and a PAT of N28.26bn based on a PAT Margin of 16.97%. We used 7.56bn Ordinary Shares that we expect to be in issue as at December 2009. The Forward Earnings Per Share (FEPS) generates N3.74. We estimated Dividend Per Share (DPS) of N3.36 based on a dividend payout of 90%. We note that the company already paid an interim dividend of N1.30; we therefore expect a final dividend of N2.44 to end the year. Applying Enterprise Value EV/EBITDA multiple of 8.62x, a P/E multiple of 14.50x, we arrived at N48.42 per share using EV/EBITDA multiple and N54.19 per share price using earnings multiple. Applying a weight of 55% on N48.42 and 45% on N54.19, we arrived at N51.02 which is our fair value. The forward earnings yield and dividend yield based on our fair value generate 7.33% and 6.59% respectively. We therefore maintain our HOLD on the share price of NB at the current market price.</blockquote>

Nigerian Breweries Plc -Q3, 2009 (985)

Here is FSDH’s Weekly NSE Report for the week ended July 3rd 2009.
FSDH - Weekly Report - July 3rd 2009 (580)

You can also read their analysis of Nigerian Bottling Company below.
FSDH - Company Report - NBC - Q1 2009 (1782)

Below is Afrinvest’s bi-weekly market report for the period ended Feb 27th.

{title} ({hits})

Also below is FSDH’s analysis of Guiness’ Q2 2008┬áresults.

{title} ({hits})

Here is FSDH Securities’ analysis of UACN’s Q3 results.

The stock is rated as a BUY at the current market price.

Here are the reports analyses from FSDH and Meristem for the recently released results of Benue Cement Company, Total, Sovereign Insurance, and UACN.

{title} ({hits})
{title} ({hits})
{title} ({hits})
{title} ({hits})

Here are the reports by ZSL and FSDH on Nigeria Bottling Company’s recent quarterly results:

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