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Below is a column Reuben Abati wrote in the Nigerian Guardian about his recent discussions with Nuhu Ribadu  (the former EFCC Chairman who was shamefully ousted) while in Rwanda recently. I decided to post the whole article so as not the dilute the content:

The world Bank prepared a report on Doing Business in Nigeria . And I must admit, it is not too encouraging. The report considered the time required to start a new business, the cost of starting a new business, the bottle necks to starting a new business, and law enforcement. The report compared the major […]

UBA’s New York branch fined $15million for breaking money laundering rules.

Honestly, I think this is a shame. Why else would the authorities ask him to go on a year-long study leave if it isnt because they are protecting some people and are afraid that he is stepping on toes to get the job done. Can the government still claim that they want to fight corruption […]

James Ibori Arrested

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13 Dec 2007

James Ibori, the former governor of Delta State was arrested yesterday and will be arraigned on 103 counts of corruption.

Wassup with the AGF

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26 Nov 2007

I dont trust this Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Chief Mike Aondoaka. The guy wanted to interfere in the cases the EFCC brought before the court. And there was the infamous unsavory exchanges between him and Ribadu. Now, he is asking the President, Yar’Adua to stop the trial of the former Delta State governor, […]

At long last, the shameless speaker, Patricia Etteh has stepped down and has been replaced by Hon. Dimeji Bankole of Ogun State. As usual, he has promised vigorous debate and to act properly. But will this be the case? Here is Reuben Abati’s opinion piece in Guardiand Newspapers of Friday, November 2nd.   Etteh-tainment By […]

After months of unnecessary grandstanding, Ms Etteh has stepped down. I just pray that now, they make the right decision and pick someone who is God-fearing and has the interest of the nation at heart.

Utterly Shameful

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18 Oct 2007

 When will this shame end? The saga sorrounding the Speaker of the House of Representatives continues. The speaker, Ms Etteh has refused to resign over the contract scandal. And now there is the story that Honourable Aminu Safana of Katsina dies during a scuffle during the house of represenatives session debating Ms Etteh’s case?  I am forced […]

There has been this back and forth accusations and counter-accusations between the EFCC and the Attorney General for a while now. EFCC were set to charge former Abia State Governor, Kalu for corruption. The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) tried to takeover the case from the EFCC and the EFCC pointedly refused to hand over the […]

I was reading through the different angles of the Etteh story and to be honest, all the stories and opinions I saw are saddening. Here is a woman who is the highest ranking female Nigerian official ever. A woman representing over 50 million Nigerians. And all she could do was to get involve in a […]

Here is Guardian’s editorial on the Honorable (or should I say, dishonorable) mess: Cost of renovating the Speaker’s house IT is the most telling sign of the times, that nothing shocks Nigerians any more. Yet, the widespread condemnation that greeted the latest scandal in the House of Representatives shows just how appalled Nigerians have become […]

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