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FSDH has prepared a report on both Skye and Oceanic Banks. Both banks recently released impressive results for the quarter just ended. Here are a few facts: Skye Bank Review – Gross Earnings increased by over 60% to N27.6billion – Profit Before Tax increased 282% to N7.7billion – Profit After Tax increased 337% to N7.6billion. […]

Attached is the latest stock recommendations from BGL securities. Their top recommendations are BankPHB, UBA, UAC Properties and Guiness. They provide some analysis of these stocks – forecast EPS, forward PE, divident yield and target price. BGL Stock Recommendation Additional Stock Recommendations

I must commend FSDH for this Market Outlook. One of the most striking things in the document is the fact that 15 of the most capitalized stocks are banking stocks. They represent over 20% of the market capitalization. When you think of it, that is a very high percentage. It shows that the Nigerian Stock […]

Penny Stocks

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14 Feb 2008

Here is a write up by Meristem Securities on the facts about Penny Stocks   The Nitty Gritty of Penny Stocks Blue Chip companies are made rather than born contrary to the perceptions of some investors. ¬†They have to work through the different growth phases/business life cycles everyone else. Unfortunately, some investors believe that the […]

The stock matrix below was prepared by Bank PHB and places the stocks in one of four quadrants (The Honey Zone, High Flyer, Safety Zone and Sell) based on the expected risk and returns.

Here is the 2008-outlook.pdf by CSL Securities.

Analysis of Some Insurance Stocks – Courtesy of Proshare NG. Analysis of Some Insurance Stocks

Afrinvest 2008 Stock Market Outlook

As people have know now, a lot of the companies going to the market to raise capital through public offers are guilty of not listing the stocks on time and not providing the share certificate promptly. This makes it impossible for those who want to make a quick profit from doing so by selling their […]

“I think there is something in the NSE we are all overlooking. People are waking up to the NSE and everyone is pouring money into the NSE now.Even my grand mother in the village was asking me the other day if she could buy shares.With so much money around,and few companies listed on the stock […]

Here is a discussion on Nairaland about how stocks of the new-generation banks perform better than those of the old-generation banks. For a background, First Bank just released an impressive result for the last quarter. Despite this, there was no sustained upward movement in the stock. For those who have been watching the Nigerian Stock […]

Nigeria’s stock exchange has been rated as the best performing stock exchange in 2007 in terms of returns. Slovenia and India came in second and third. Here is an excerpt of the report: It might be a little difficult to believe but the west African nation of Nigeria has emerged as the best performing stock […]

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