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The Nigerian Tribune reports that the elections tribunal are set to deliver judgment on the Presidential Elections held in 2007. We pray for the best. The judges have been bold and assertive in their judgments so far. So I hope for the same.

At long last, the shameless speaker, Patricia Etteh has stepped down and has been replaced by Hon. Dimeji Bankole of Ogun State. As usual, he has promised vigorous debate and to act properly. But will this be the case? Here is Reuben Abati’s opinion piece in Guardiand Newspapers of Friday, November 2nd.   Etteh-tainment By […]

There has been this back and forth accusations and counter-accusations between the EFCC and the Attorney General for a while now. EFCC were set to charge former Abia State Governor, Kalu for corruption. The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) tried to takeover the case from the EFCC and the EFCC pointedly refused to hand over the […]

I wonder how many times we have heard these stories before – that the refineries will be revived and they will be fully operational by a certain date. Now, they are again claiming that the Warri and Kaduna refineries will be fully operational by the end of the year. These guys should just SHUT UP […]

Here is Guardian’s editorial on the Honorable (or should I say, dishonorable) mess: Cost of renovating the Speaker’s house IT is the most telling sign of the times, that nothing shocks Nigerians any more. Yet, the widespread condemnation that greeted the latest scandal in the House of Representatives shows just how appalled Nigerians have become […]

I weeaaaaaak when I read that N628 million was approved legally (or illegally) to renovate the official quarters of the top senate officials. In an attempt to douse this controversy, Punch reports that they are now claiming it was just N238m and not N628m. They state that: The contracts were for the renovation of Etteh’s […]

First, it was the news that the Naira will be revalued. It was then followed by the news that the Federal Government was not informed and that they were caught off-guard by Soludo’s announcements – that he did not inform or consult the President before making the pronouncement. Then the news that the CBN did […]

After weeks of giving some very flimsy excuses, the V.P. has at last decided to publish his assets. I wonder why he did not want to do this. Did he have some skeleton in his wardrobe? And I also wonder why he has now decided to publish them. Was he forced by the president? Here […]

The former Senate President, Evan Enwerem is dead. “A close political associate of the politician, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that Enwerem was believed to have died of an ailment that had to do with the central nervous system.”

Femi Meyungbe-Olufunmilade had a very good comment on the Yar’Auda’s minsiterial list. In my opinion, it was very unbalanced. All the top posts were awarded to northerners while the less powerful posts were awarded to the southerners.Read his comment below: Yar’Adua’s cabinet gaffe By ‘Femi Meyungbe-Olufunmilade SINCE my letter “President Yar’Adua and The Ministers List” […]

Below is an interesting article by Reuben Abati on Yar’Adua’s style of leadership:  Yar’Adua’s emerging style By Reuben Abati TO say that a new leader’s style and/or persona is different from that of his predecessor may amount to a statement of the obvious. But in Nigeria, style in this context acquires a significance that is […]

After almost three months, we now have ministers in Nigera. Here is the list of ministers: 1. Attorney-General/Minister of Justice: Mr Michael Aondoakaa (SAN) 2. Agriculture/Water Resources: Abba Sayyadi Ruma 3. Agriculture/Water Resources: Adamu Maina Waziri (State 1) 4. Commerce/Industry: Chief Charles Ugwu 5. Commerce/Industry (State): Ahmed Garba Bichi 6. Culture/Tourism: Adetokunbo Kayode 7. Culture/Tourism […]

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