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Courtesy of Afrinvest and FSH, here are the performance stats and reports for the NSE for the past week.

Here is the 2010 version of the anual <a href=””>Doing Business</a> In West Africa report. It ranked the countries on contract enforcement, ease of setting up a business, administrative bottlenecks etc.

Ghana came in first in the region. Nigeria was second.

Doing Business In West Africa Report 2010 (848)

Earlier this month, the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation released the 2010 Doing Business report. Nigeria fell in the rankings in almost all the areas. You can read the documents below:

Doing Business 2010 - ECOWAS (607) Doing Business 2010 - Overview (592) Doing Business 2010 - Nigeria (703)

It is a tale of 2 different views of the same economy. <a href=””>Standard and Poor cut Nigeria’s credit rating</a> a notch to B-plus from BB-minus because of the impact of the costly bank bailout and falling oil revenues. <a href=””>Fitch on the other hand</a>, left it the same as it believes it might have a positive impact on the economy.

The Nigerian Tribune had an article today on the complaints of the stakeholders of the banks taken over by the CBN.

You can read excerpts of the report below. My comments follow.

The Wall Street Journal had an article in today’s edition on Nigeria’s economy and it isnt pretty. You can read below:

Meristem Securities provided an analysis of the Flour Mills of Nigeria. The analysis /research is available at here. Here are the main points: FLOUR MILLS OF NIGERIA PLC: EQUITY RESEARCH REPORT Executive Summary -Flour Mills of Nig. Plc operates one of the most broad-based and diversified portfolio of industrial products in Nigeria having successfully weathered […]

Yar ‘Adua remains president. The petition brought by Atiku and Buhari has been dismissed. Both Atiku and Buhari have headed to the Supreme Ct as expected. At least for now, peace reigns.

I must commend FSDH for this Market Outlook. One of the most striking things in the document is the fact that 15 of the most capitalized stocks are banking stocks. They represent over 20% of the market capitalization. When you think of it, that is a very high percentage. It shows that the Nigerian Stock […]

Penny Stocks

In: Market Analysis

14 Feb 2008

Here is a write up by Meristem Securities on the facts about Penny Stocks   The Nitty Gritty of Penny Stocks Blue Chip companies are made rather than born contrary to the perceptions of some investors. ¬†They have to work through the different growth phases/business life cycles everyone else. Unfortunately, some investors believe that the […]

The stock matrix below was prepared by Bank PHB and places the stocks in one of four quadrants (The Honey Zone, High Flyer, Safety Zone and Sell) based on the expected risk and returns.

Here is the 2008-outlook.pdf by CSL Securities.

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