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FSDH recently released their analysis/review of the Nigerian economy for the first half of the year and their outlook for the rest of the year.

Below is their summary. And you can read the full report below.

Earlier this week, Fitch, the ratings agency released a 12-page report on 12 of the 23 Nigerian banks.  Here are some of the main points:

1. Excesses that have been built up in the banks in recent years is likely to negatively impact their financial performance for years to come.

2. The economic crisis has taken its toll on the banks but the consolidation exercise of 2005/2006 places them in a better position to absorb ongoing risks.

3. Fitch believes the recent trend of slower credit growth is a positive development.

4. Rapid earnings growth since 2005 masked the increasing levels of risk in the system. Higher impairment charges are expected as the economy slows.

5. Fitch expects that Nigerian banks will need to manage their costs and overhead structures more closely going forward

6. The sector is characterised by weak efficiency ratios which have resulted from an underdeveloped economic infrastructure and because many banks lack operational scale.

You can read download the report below:

Afrinvest has released a report on some non-financial sector companies in Nigeria. You can read it here:

Below are the weekly stock reports prepared by TRW Stockbrokers and FSDH Securities. Also attached is the Monthly Economic Report prepared by Lead Capital.

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