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Courtesy of FSDH, Afrinvest, and Lead Capital, here are the NSE reports and stats for the week ended July 15th 2011:

  1. The market moved southwards this week, with a cumulative loss of 197 bps.
  2. Incessant selling at the bourse continued with no respite throughout the week, leading to losses across board.
  3. The likes of Stanbic IBTC, Intercontinental Bank and Wema Bank however recorded varied gains in the banking sector this week, as the top-tier banks shed varied points. This trend may reverse in the coming week as buyers are likely to key in at the current low prices.
  4. In the breweries sector, a last day price appreciation in NB led to a 4.6% gain, while Guinness succumbed to bearish pressure, shedding marginal points.
  5. Companies in the food and beverages were not spared from the bearish trend prevalent in the market, as the sector failed to record any gain this week. Thus, Flour Mills, NNFM, Dangote Sugar, Nascon and Cadbury all shed points in excess of 3.0% apiece, while other stocks in the sector remained unchanged.

Courtesy of Afrinvest, Lead Capital, and FSDH, here are the reports for the NSE for the week ended May 6th 2011:
<blockquote>- Bullish sentiments dominated the market this week, with the NSE All-Share Index inching up by 103 bps.
– Activities in the banking sector were on the uptick as many of the banks recorded gains this week. FinBank, Diamond Bank, UBA and Oceanic Bank gained points in excess of 10.0% apiece. Other gainers in the sector include Stanbic IBTC, Intercontinental Bank, Wema Bank and Union Bank, gathering points between 5.0% and 9.0%. Aggressive selling activities shaved off marginal points from the price of Skye Bank and Fidelity Bank, both recording losses of 1.5% and 1.8% respectively.
– In the breweries sector, NB maintained its strong hold on the market throughout the week. Strategic activities on the last trading day curbed the price appreciation of NB and it subsequently gained marginal points. Bullish sentiments dominated activities in Guinness; it however closed flat due to a dearth of volumes. On the flip side, International Breweries lost 13.5% cumulatively.

Afrinvest Weekly Update 6th May 2011 (733).

Afrinvest Nigeria Update Issue - May 6th 2011 (906).

NSE Weekly Report - IBTC - May 6th 2011 (825).

NSE Weekly Report - FSDH - May 6th 2011 (714).</blockquote>

Courtesy of FSDH, Lead Capital, and Afrinvest, here are there reports on the activities at the NSE for the week ended February 4th, 2011.

Courtesy of Lead Capital, FSDH, Afrinvest, and IBTC, here is the NSE report for the week ended December 3rd 2010:

·         The NSE All-Share Index went up by 79 basis points, ending the week on a positive note despite the downward movement recorded in the index today.

·         The banking sub-sector traded mostly sideways this week, however, Access Bank led the gainers’ list by 5.0%. Other gainers include Ecobank, GTBank, Sterling Bank and Afribank with gains between 2.7% and 3.3%. Skye Bank, Zenith Bank and UBA also recorded gains between 0.9% and 1.4%. On the flip side, the rescued banks topped the losers’ list in the sector. Unity Bank, Wema Bank, Union Bank and FinBank shed between 5.0% and 9.0%, largely due to profit taking activities by participants.

·         The building materials sector experienced low trading activities throughout the week. It however picked up slightly on the last trading day. Ashaka Cement recorded an 8.8% uptick, followed closely by Dangote Cement with 2.0%. Lafarge Wapco also recorded a 1.2% gain. CCNN was however the lone loser in the sector, shedding 3.2% to close the week.

·         All the three stocks that traded in the breweries sector recorded varied gains this week; Guinness, NB and International Breweries gathered gains in excess of 4.0%.

And here are the charts for the week’s performance:

<a href=””><img title=”nse_stats” src=”” alt=”” /></a>

<a href=””><img title=”nse_stats_more” src=”” alt=”” width=”482″ height=”532″ /></a>

And here are the results:

<a href=””><img title=”nse_results” src=”” alt=”” width=”490″ height=”442″ /></a>

And here are the reports from the stockbrokers:
NSE Weekly Report - Afrinvest - Dec 3rd 2010 (638).

NSE Weekly Report - Afrinvest - Dec 3rd 2010 - Weekly Update (647).

NSE Weekly Report - FSDH - Dec 3rd 2010 (731).

NSE Weekly Report - IBTC - Dec 3rd 2010 (695).

NSE Weekly Report - Lead Capital - Dec 3rd 2010 (617)

Weekly NSE Reports from TRW, IBTC, and FSDH

Here are the stats for the NSE for the last week. Also below are the NSE Reports from FSDH and IBTC. And here are the NSE reports: .

Stockbroker’s Weekly NSE Report For Week Ended Jan 8th, 2010

Apologies for the late posts. Here are the weekly reports from FSDH for the weeks ended Dec 18th and 31st and from IBTC for the week ended Dec 18th:

FSDH - Weekly Report - Dec 18th 2009 (469)
FSDH - Weekly Report - Dec 31st 2009 (630)
IBTC - Weekly Report - Dec 18th 2009 (491)

Here are the weekly NSE reports from IBTC Asset Management and FSDH Securities:

IBTC - Weekly Market Report - Oct 30th 2009 (358)<br>
FSDH - Weekly Market Report - Oct 30th 2009 (536)

NSE Weekly Report From Stockbrokers for Week Ended Sept 25th 2009

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